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Left-Tee Announces Version 3.5 of Its Internet Portal for Lefty Golfers

EVERETT, Wash. -- Left-Tee LLC, an internet portal for left-handed golfers, has launched a new version of their website which features the internet's only combined auctions and classifieds area for left-handed golf equipment sales and trades.

"Left-Tee already has a strong presence in the online golf community for lefty golfers," said Left-Tee President and Founder Mark Johnson. "The user interface and navigation of version 3.5 enables us to enrich our users online experience."

Additional features on the site include editorial content and golf tips from left-handed PGA professionals, exclusive live chats, and a marketplace for buyers and sellers of new and used equipment. The site will also feature a daily dairy following the progress of left-handed LPGA Tour player Angela Buzminski.

"The enhancement of the content and services area of our website, along with the new Marketplace feature, widens the gap between ourselves and other lefty golf related websites," Johnson adds.

About Left-Tee

Founded in April 2000, Left-Tee is the Internet's most comprehensive resource for left-handed golfers. With over 1,000 registered members worldwide and a network of over 150 left-handed PGA Teaching Professionals the company has developed the Internets only online community for left-handed golfers. For more information visit

Contact: Mark Johnson

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Rx of Canada Opens Boulder Office, Helps Seniors Pay Less for Prescriptions

BOULDER, CO -- It's no secret that older Americans have begun traveling by the busload to Mexico and Canada to fill their prescriptions at a fraction of the price they would pay in the U.S. But what many still don't know is that they can safely and legally fill those same prescriptions through the mail with licensed, government-regulated Canadian pharmacies. Now one Boulder resident is helping Colorado's seniors do just that. Trudy Pueppke launched Rx of Canada ( in April; early this month, Pueppke opened the doors of Rx of Canada Boulder, a walk-in office helping seniors maneuver the maze of procedures necessary to legally order their prescriptions from qualified pharmacies in Canada. All Rx of Canada services are free.

"Prescription costs in this country are simply outrageous," Pueppke said. "I've talked to seniors who have had to choose between filling their prescriptions or eating. What kind of a choice is that? Rx of Canada exists to help connect these folks with licensed Canadian pharmacies operating under strict Canadian guidelines. No one should have to go without medication they need just because American pharmaceutical giants have gotten greedy."

Pueppke knows whereof she speaks. When the Boulder resident's prescription migraine medication skyrocketed to nearly $40 per pill, she began researching her alternatives and found not only was it perfectly legal to fill her prescriptions through bricks-and-mortar Canadian pharmacies, it was cheaper. So Pueppke tried it. To her amazement, sixty of her migraine pills cost less than $400 through a Canadian pharmacy; had she bought them in Boulder -- or anywhere else in the U.S. -- she would have paid four times that amount.

Pueppke realized that many Americans, especially seniors, had no idea they could pay up to 70% less for their prescriptions by mailing their business across the border. Although Pueppke had managed to sift through piles of information, she knew the task could be daunting to many people. And although she had done her research online, she knew unfamiliarity with the Internet would keep many older Americans paying dearly for the medications they needed.

"The FDA is another roadblock for seniors," Pueppke said. "Their scare tactics are causing people to think of all Canadian pharmacies as fraudulent and uncontrolled. But that is simply not the case. There is absolutely fraudulence online, but we're talking about legitimate, established Canadian pharmacies and name-brand drugs made by U.S. manufacturers. "Experience indicates that your as safe getting your prescriptions filled out of Canada as you are in the U.S.

That's because Canada's pharmacy industry is tightly regulated by The Canadian Health Products Food Branch (HPFB).

"It warms my heart every time I hear from a senior citizen who has saved money on prescriptions," Pueppke finished. "That's exactly what we're here for."

Trudy Pueppke
Rx of Canada

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C I Host Launches World's First 'Human Billboard' -- Illinois Man to Tattoo Company Logo on Head

Unique marketing strategy part of company's ongoing aggressive strategy; seen as way to cut through the clutter

BEDFORD, TX -- C I Host, known for its attention-getting marketing strategies, has hired a 22-year-old Illinois man to tattoo a 25- square inch, full color C I Host logo on the back of his head and keep it visible for five years.

"This will be a trial and if it goes as well as I think it will, we will have walking, talking 'human billboards' in every major city and country worldwide," said Christopher Faulkner, 26, CEO of C I Host. "In this economy and industry, you have to be constantly looking for ways to break through the clutter and be noticed. This idea certainly fills the bill."

The 'human billboard,' Jim Nelson, 22, who lives in Moline, Illinois, said he and his business partner need money to fund their enterprise, a collectibles store for swords and knives.

Nelson said he expects to benefit two ways from the stunt: ready capital and a lot of publicity for his own business as well as for C I Host. His "day job" in a union that supplies part-time workers to nuclear plants takes him all over the world.

C I Host recently won a bid on eBay for Nelson's services.

"Everybody will see it, and I'm more than happy to do this for C I Host," Nelson said. "I'm glad that they won the bid because they seem like such nice people. Christopher has been great and I'm glad it's them that's going to get the publicity."

The logo is five inches square and is orange, blue and black.

In the highly competitive and crowded field of Web hosting industry, it's tough to get noticed, Faulkner said.

"This starts an era of new, break-through and stand out marketing ideas for C I Host," he said. "We can't wait to see what kind of reactions Jeff receives."

In the past, C I Host has brought Howard Stern back to Dallas radio, put its name on the back of Evander Holyfield's boxing trunks, sponsored a NASCAR race car, held a contest to send the winner to the edge of space in a jet and put a 25-foot high Santa on the roof of its headquarters.

"Whatever we can do to reach our target market and get the word out about C I Host, we will do," Faulkner said. "It's similar to the extra mile we go to bring our customers the most up to date technology and give them the best service."

About C I Host

C I Host (, is a Web hosting and Internet solutions provider, domain name registrar and application service provider serving 185,000 individual consumers and businesses in 179 countries worldwide.

C I Host creates business-class Web hosting solutions for the small- and medium-enterprise (SME) market.

C I Host has been consistently ranked among the Top 5 Web hosting companies out of 16,000 around the globe by c|net's Ultimate Web Host List, HostPulse, and C I Host offers turn-key services ranging from initial domain name registration to custom dedicated servers for e-commerce on today's Web.

C I Host operates three diverse data centers across the United States, with its main facility and Network Operations Center in Bedford, Texas. C I Host also has offices in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago and London.

Editorial Contact: Nancy St. Pierre
(888) 868-9931

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